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Johan Hallberg-Campbell was born in the Highlands of Scotland and has been living and working in Canada since 2007. He holds a BA (Hons) from The Glasgow School of Art, and specializes in both photography and film. His diverse projects have been published, exhibited and screened internationally. Hallberg-Campbell is the recipient of a Canada Council for the Arts award for his ongoing project Coastal, which he is currently developing as a longterm body of work. Coastal was exhibited as a Primary Scotiabank Contact Photography solo show at the Harbourfront Centre in 2017, and as a public installation on the grounds of the Harbourfront in Toronto. 

An award-winning freelance photographer, Hallberg-Campbell has been commissioned by numerous publications and institutions around the world. Clients include National GeographicThe New York Times, the Canadian Red Cross, The WalrusDIE ZIET and The Guardian.

Hallberg-Campbell is also a photo editor for Raw View magazine. He has curated 45 photographic exhibitions showcasing the work of Canadian and international photographers. 

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